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Conduct group story-writing activities that get published!

With StoryWriter, your students develop their understanding of key literary elements through their own writing. When finished, your class’s story becomes a real published book, where every student’s name is included as a participating author!

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Perfect for:

Creative Writing,

Personal Narratives,

Literature Studies

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Pick A Story Start

Start by selecting the story's first chapter from BoomWriter's collection of Story Starts (or write your own!).

Update the settings for the number of chapters, word count & deadlines, then add any Guidance Notes.

Tip: Your Guidance Notes can have students focus on a specific area, concept, or literary element that you’d like them to apply in their writing.

Students Write Chapter 2

Students read Chapter 1, as well as any Guidance Notes, before then writing their proposed individual entry for Chapter 2.

Students submit their entries to you, where you can either approve or request revisions.

Tip: You can extend the deadline or end the writing phase at anytime.

Peer Sharing & Review

Students vote for the best next chapter after reading up to 4 anonymous submissions at a time. Our process provides a fair and easily managed voting system.

The winning submission becomes the story’s Chapter 2, and the students are then ready to write Chapter 3.

Tip: At the end of each chapter - conduct a class review of the winning submission.

Repeat Until Complete & Publish!

Repeat this process for the remaining chapters, and when finished you'll have a completed story that you and the class can purchase as a real paperback book!

See, we said it was easy!

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    Engaging Literary Elements Studies

    StoryWriter lets students develop and enhance their creative writing skills, while focusing on key literary elements such as plot, character development, structure, and voice. Students are in complete control of the story, the characters, and its outcome.

    When finished, they will all have had a hand in creating a real published book that contains each participating student’s name.

    Teacher Created Accounts

    With BoomWriter, you can create and manage the accounts for your students or they can join and login using their school Google account.

    BoomWriter facilitates teacher-to-student communication but does not allow any student-to-student communication.

    Start Using StoryWriter is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.