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How Camps Work

Recruiting Camp Participants

We’ll give you everything you need to help promote your camp to prospective participants and their families. The booking and payment process is handled by us via your own personalized page on the BoomWriter website.

Over the next few months, you will decide the details of your camp (weeks of operation, daily schedule, etc.,) before then inviting the students you wish to work with to participate in your camp.

Preparing for Camp

In the spring we’ll be providing some web-based PD demonstrating how easy it will be to run your camp. We’ll also provide strategies for providing camp participants with effective feedback and manageable revision requests.

Running Your Camp

It’s easy! Each day your campers login and start with a web-based writing lesson provided by BoomWriter. They read the preceding chapter, write what they believe should occur next in the story, then submit their work to you.

You review each piece and provide personalized feedback/guidance on how each camper can revise and improve their submission.

Once revisions are completed, you initiate the peer review portion of the process allowing your campers to read and select (anonymously, of course) their favorite submission/s. The winning piece becomes the next part of the story, and the process continues until the story (and your camp) is completed.

Wrapping Up

Each of your camp participants will have a published, paperback copy of the story sent by BoomWriter directly to their home. The book will contain the name of all of your campers making them all published authors.

Getting Paid

Within two weeks of completing your camp you will be paid by BoomWriter.

Running a camp of 10 participants will allow you to earn close to $700 in just one week. A camp of 24 will have you earning close to $1,600, and you’ll never even have to leave home!

You can run multiple camps over the course of your summer to maximize your earning

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