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New Funding to Bring More Magic to Classrooms

We are excited to announce that we’ve secured significant new funding that will allow us to grow and increase the learning outcomes for many more young writers.

“This investment will allow us to focus on bringing even more exciting learning opportunities for children through all key areas of education, The last two years has seen plenty of change in the education world. BoomWriter is providing the most engaging writing projects that blend collaboration, competition, and imagination - sprinkled with celebrity writers!”
Chris Twyman - BoomWriter Founder

Our new investor and strategic advisor, Alexander Elorriaga, is a former executive at AT&T and DirecTV, currently Chairman of SimpleTV and a venture partner at Scale Capital. Mr. Elorriaga will add a new strategic level to the team that will help us to grow and expand our educuational reach.

“BoomWriter is producing magic in the classroom.
The blurring of the entertainment and education world is the holy grail for increasing engagement in the classroom. BoomWriter does this without sacrificing the delivery of a rounded educational experience.”
Mr. Elorriaga

What does this mean for my classroom?

We’ll be able to speed up our rollout of upgrades and improvements to BoomWriter as well as moving forwards with some new initiatives to help raise the profile of writing in your class.

About BoomWriter

Founded in 2012, BoomWriter has been used by more that 37,000 elementary, middle and high schools in more than 105 countries.

Our publishing platform is designed to give students in grades 2-8 an audience, purpose and meaningful end result for their writing. We aim to promote and develop creativity, writing, reading, critical thinking, and other essential 21st century literacy skills.

We bring together creative writing and gamification to provide children a unique approach to writing stories as well as getting published. The flexibility of our writing platform means that it that can be integrated into a variety of curriculum.