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Under New Old Management

Books are Back!

A few words from two of our co-founders

You may have noticed some changes here at BW over the past few years, and we certainly hope you’ll be noticing some positive changes over the next few months. We’d like to tell you a little about the reasons for this and where BoomWriter is heading.

BoomWriter began with a very simple idea - to get children to collaborate to write printed, published stories. Writing is, and should be, an enjoyable experience. The purpose of any piece of writing is to be read. In one simple approach BoomWriter gave children a voice, an audience and an end result to be truly proud of. How many of us can say we are a published author? With BoomWriter we’d like it to be every child!

The core of BoomWriter is creative writing linked to a published result. While we need to write in everyday life it is the creative side of writing that engages us. Writing your own stories, reading others and being inspired by their thoughts and ideas encourages us to write to a higher standard. It is this hook that makes BoomWriter such a great tool for teachers as a one-off class event or as a more regular higher profile activity. The joy of seeing your work in print and having it read by others is an amazing experience. It is these moments that will inspire children to want to write.

Over the past couple of years we feel that focus was lost. With a new management team and the return of two of the co-founders we are looking to restore that magic at BoomWriter. It’s time to go back to our roots and get children sharing their amazing, powerful, thought-provoking, strange, weird and wonderful stories, poems, essays and articles.

You’ll start to notice some big changes on BoomWriter. We’ll be launching exciting new writing events for schools, classes and individual children to take part in. We plan to make it easier and quicker for you to create, manage and publish your class’ written work. We are excited about the future and looking forward to working with you to inspire the next generation of writers.

Keep on Writing.
Ian & Chris

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