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How to Host a Publishing Party In 5 Easy Steps

Written by BoomWriter  |  26 Mar 2019
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Congratulations! You did it! Your class read, wrote, and voted and now they’ve published their story. So, what now? Why a publishing party, of course! Here is BoomWriter’s 101 for hosting an amazing publishing party your students can be proud of! Although it takes some effort from students and teachers, a publishing party is an authentic way to celebrate students' published work. Feeling like a true author may help motivate students in future writing tasks, as well as giving them confidence in their ability to create, revise, and publish their writing.

Step One: Set a Date

Now that you’ve decided you’re going to have a party, it’s time to set a date! Remember to budget enough time to plan the party and give any guests that you might have enough time to make changes to their schedule. We recommend giving yourself at least two weeks to plan!

Step Two: Send Invitations

Once you’ve settled on a date, it’s time to determine the guest list. You can invite parents, guardians, school administrators, or even another class of students. Younger or older students can make for a great audience. You can even make posters to advertise the event to the rest of the school.

Step Three: Determine Your Venue

The classroom can be a great place to have a gathering. Remember to arrange your desks and chairs to allow for movement around the room. The school library is also an excellent location for your young published authors to host their party.

Step Four: Create an Agenda

Whether you want a party where folks mingle or a sit down event, it’s important to let people know what to expect. You want an opportunity to highlight your students and their books. A few ideas we have are:

  • Book Signings: Ask your guests to purchase copies of the book in advance to let students sign with their autographs. Have extra copies handy. If a student runs out of books while visitors are still in line, they can feel great that they sold out!
  • Reading Excerpts Out Loud: Choose compelling chapters to read aloud to your audience. You can have a few students read and sign their books, then have another set of students take their turn reading and signing until all students have had their time in the spotlight.
  • Author Spotlights: Pick students to interview. Ask questions like: What was the most challenging part of writing this book? What was the most surprising thing you learned when writing this book?

Step Five: A Sneak Peak at What’s Next

Writers never stop writing! Let audience members know what the class will be writing next together as a group. Stumped about what to write? Check out over our Story Starts to help you get started on your next published masterpiece.

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