Women's History Month: Learning About Influential Women

Written by Bri Thomas  |  4 Mar 2019

A great way to celebrate Women's History Month is to have your entire classroom use literature to learn about influential women.

In this lesson, which is suitable for any grade/age group, have students pick out a book on an important woman in history or assign one to each student.

The students will read their books, in order to learn about different famous females. The deadline for this assignment could be in the near future, or the entire month could be dedicated to it; you could have supporting assignments throughout March, such as discussion questions and quizzes that check for understanding and hold everyone accountable.

In the end, each student must give a presentation on their book/person. This will allow the entire class to learn about many influential women. This final project could be anything from a visual display or a painting to a speech or an essay.

If you choose to go with writing, you can use Project Writer This tool is intended for assignments that dissect whole units of study into smaller sections, and you can review student work, provide personalized feedback and let students revise their work. Each individual project can then be compiled into one cohesive anthology, created by the whole class and honoring many different women in history.

We hope this fun and educational lesson encourages you all to celebrate Women's History Month by celebrating famous females!