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How BW Camps Work

Online Writing Camps Run for 5 Days

Daily sessions include writing instruction, personalized feedback and collaborative peer review

Flexible Scheduling

Each activity has its own time slot where campers complete each activity in the allocated schedule.

A Typical Day at our BW Camp Includes:

Interactive Lessons

BoomWriter provides short interactive lessons that teach campers writing techniques, character development and story structure.

Creative Writing

After each daily instructional lesson, campers will write and submit a chapter of the story they are working on using the techniques and writing tips they’ve learned.

Personalized Feedback

Camp leaders review their campers' submissions and provide personalized feedback.

Peer Review

Campers read and select (anonymously, of course) their favorite submission/s. The winning chapter becomes the next part of the story, and the process continues until the story is completed.

After BW Camp is over

A Published Book

When BW Camps are completed, campers receive a printed copy of the book they collaborated to write and publish, containing all camper-author names.

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