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About BoomWriter

At BoomWriter, our mission is to immerse students, teachers, parents and administrators in an interactive learning experience, both in and beyond the classroom.

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Who We Are

The BoomWriter Team is comprised of dedicated educators, technology wizards, talented artists and enchanting writers — all of whom share a passion for reading, writing, teaching, learning and technology — with offices based in Milton, MA and Nottingham, UK.

BoomWriter started in a middle school classroom in 2012 and now has a presence in tens of thousands of classrooms spread throughout over 50 countries worldwide!

Meet The Team

Chris Twyman


This is Chris’s second venture. After a career working for two of the largest software companies, Chris formed Zapoint, an HR technology company based in Cambridge, MA. Then, after a cold, long walk under an umbrella with Ken Haynes, he started BoomWriter.

Chris has an MBA and a Masters in International Marketing along with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying.


Ian Garland


Ian has worked in the design and technology world for over 10 years. Solid experience in both web design and traditional print makes him ideal for the challenge of a web app that creates published books!

After graduating with a B.A. in Graphic Design, Ian has worked for a variety of agencies in London and more recently in the northern half of the UK. He matches strong technical abilities with a love of design and interaction, in his own words: "My favorite color is black which makes me a designer, but I do like Star Wars which makes me a coder, so I guess I'm somewhere in-between."


Ken Haynes


Ken was the first ever teacher to use BoomWriter in the classroom, and thought Chris “seemed like a decent and reasonable person” when initially being pitched the idea of using technology to facilitate collaborative writing. Ken’s experiences as both a special education and classroom teacher, as well as a school administrator, have helped him conceptualize many of BoomWriter’s products and services, while always striving to better support the needs of teachers and their students.

Ken received his B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and M.S. in Special and Elementary Education from Wheelock College.


Sammy Taylor-Holmes


Sammy had an interest in Web Design from an early age, and after a placement at a top Sheffield Web Design agency, he went on to study Digital Arts & Technology at University.

Since joining the team over three years ago, he has designed and built the UI for BoomWriter. He finds design and UI fascinating because “it's something we come across daily in every thing we use (good or bad!)”.

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