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My students can't wait to write, and I love that voting gives them the opportunity to evaluate their peers' writing.
Shanan Riegle, Fifth Grade Teacher, Yorktown Elementary School

1 Unique Process

Easy for Teachers, Loved by Students


A powerful, flexible and fun platform that strengthens vocabulary development

All Subjects Any Device
  • Reinforce and/or assess your student’s understanding of key terms
  • As students write their entry, assigned words are highlighted and checked off their word list to ensure thorough completion
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Tip: Use the “winning” entry as a discussion point in your class. Project the entry on the board and lead a group discussion or editing session to help reinforce the learning goal.


Students demonstrate their knowledge and skills by collaboratively creating a class “textbook”

All Subjects Any Device
  • Perfect for end-of-unit review or section-by-section summary
  • Built-in vocabulary tool to reinforce key terms
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Collaboratively create a published paperback book with your class

ELA Any Device
  • Enhance students’ understanding of key literary elements
  • Students convey flexible-thinking skills and learn to adapt their writing, especially tone and voice, as the story progresses
  • When finished, your class can purchase the finished book that contains the names of all participating students
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