Writing Bee

An Adventure in Collaborative Storytelling

The BoomWriter Writing Bee - Milton

Inspired by the popularity and suspense of current day spelling bees, BoomWriter has developed a new concept centered on competitive storytelling. In the first ever BoomWriter Writing Bee, all 4th and 5th grade Milton Public Schools students will compete over the course of four weeks to be Storytelling Champions!

Using the BoomWriter process, students will engage in successive rounds of story-writing and peer review, for what will become a district-wide story. Each round in the Writing Bee becomes increasingly competitive, as the top vote-getters move forward with a chance to have their chapter entered into the story that will then be published as a paperback book.

The Writing Bee will culminate with a Publishing Party, where every participating student will be able to receive their very own copy of the book they have purchased. Plus 50% of the profits from each book will go back to the Milton Public Schools PTO, so let's buy copies for Grandma and Uncle Stew as well.

Benefits of The Writing Bee

Creative Writing

Students will engage in imaginative storytelling while improving their core writing skills.


Students will feel the excitement of writing and sharing ideas with their peers before then voting for their favorites.


Students will work together at their individual schools before uniting as a district to complete the story!

The Milton Writing Bee Schedule

  1. February 13-17 Writing Bee Introduction to Students
  2. February 27-March 3 Chapter 2 Writing & Voting Round
  3. March 6-10 Chapter 3 Writing & Voting Round
  4. March 13-17 Chapter 4 Writing & Voting Round
  5. March 20-24 Chapter 5 Writing & Voting Round
  6. Week of March 27 Publishing Party!

How Will The Writing Bee Work?

The Milton Writing Bee will follow a cycle of students writing, reading, and voting on entries for the next chapter of the story. The entire process is anonymous, fair, and super fun!

  1. Introduction

    At their individual schools, the 4th and 5th grade students will be introduced to The Writing Bee by their teachers and administrators. They will read the story’s first chapter, also referred to as the ‘story start’, and The Writing Bee will be underway!

  2. Writing Rounds

    Each week, all students write and submit their version of the story’s next chapter. Top vote getters’ pieces will be considered for entry into the story each week, and the most popular submission will win the honor of serving as the book’s final chapter.

  3. Chapter 2

    All students write and vote. Top 40 vote-getting students (10 from each school) advance.

  4. Chapter 3

    All students write and vote. Top 20 vote-getting students (5 from each school) advance.

  5. Chapter 4

    All students write and vote. Top 4 vote-getting students (1 from each school) advance.

  6. Chapter 5

    All students write and vote. 1 student writer named the Milton Writing Bee Storytelling Champion!

  7. Book Sales

    Real copies of the final story will be available for purchase through BoomWriter. These published paperbacks will include the names of all chapter winners, as well as the names of all student participants who have supported the writing, reading, and voting process!

  8. Publishing Party

    At the end of the competition, all participants and their families will be invited to attend The Milton Writing Bee Publishing Party. This celebration will include refreshments, distribution of the published books, and a guest appearance from a real former childhood actor! Jeff Cohen (a.k.a. Chunk from the film ‘The Goonies’), who wrote The Bee’s story start and starred in the film from which it was inspired (but with a Milton twist), will be joining us all the way from Hollywood for a guest appearance and book signing!


Please contact Amy Gale, Cunningham & Collicot Curriculum Coordinator (agale@miltonps.org) or BoomWriter (info@boomwriter.com) for additional information.