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BoomWriter Student Journals

Your ‘go-to’ place for students to write about anything and everything!

Simply create your student journals one time and then add new journal sections for your class as you progress through the school year.

Create each new journal section starting with the topic or prompt you’d like the students to write about

Then enter any specific vocabulary you’d like students to include in their writing

Start the activity and easily monitor your students’ writing in real-time and from anywhere

Read your students’ journal entries and provide personalized comments


Daily, weekly, whenever. You decide when students write and what they write about.

BoomWriter Student Journals are the most effective way to consistently engage your students in writing about a variety of topics including:

  • Current events
  • School/classroom specific issues or events
  • Inspirational quotes or people
  • Academic concepts
  • Pop culture
  • Community/Global issues
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The limitless list of topics and prompts will capture students’ interests and inspire them to do their best work while delivering valuable benefits to students and teachers alike including:

For Students

  • Improve communication and persuasion skills
  • Have a ‘safe’ space and therapeutic outlet
  • Improve keyboarding skills
  • Develop a writing ‘voice’
  • Enhance writing confidence
  • Have opportunities to reflect and self-evaluate
  • Develop better overall writing skills and stamina
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For Teachers

  • Consistently monitor your students’ writing progress
  • Learn more about individual students to help build upon student/teacher relationships
  • Gain insight into classroom dynamics
  • Try new ideas with students involving any topic or type of writing
  • A fun and engaging place to cultivate students’ passion for writing
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Teacher Case Study

But don’t just take our word for it. Read the case study written by a real teacher and learn how the BoomWriter Journal transformed her group of students into a community of writers!

BoomWriter Journal case study

The Ultimate Keepsake

Best of all, the families of your students will have the option at the end of the school year to purchase a published copy of their child’s journal. It’s the ultimate keepsake of each student’s experience as a writer in your classroom.

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