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For less than the price of the latte you need for late night grading, PRO will simplify your life by making grading and assessing student progress easier than ever before.

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“Not only does PRO make grading writing easier, faster and more accurate, it also converts the grades into useful data allowing me to track and assess my students’ progress.”
Emily Leonard,
Grade 3 Teacher, John D. Runkle School

PRO lets you…

  • Easily grade student writing
  • Utilize standards-based Rubrics
  • Track individual performance & growth
  • Monitor whole class progress

Grading Made Easy

Tired of balancing the piece to be graded on one knee and the rubric on the other? We realize that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.

PRO’s unique grading interface integrates the performance criteria and level of achievement scores with the student’s submission. All you then need to do is assess the work then click on the grade, making grading easier and more accurate than ever before.

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