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Dust off the flux capacitor,
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Sci-fi Season

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The Dark Star Rises book cover

The Dark Star Rises

By Your Class!

Kali looked at Karl, worried. “It's started, hasn't it?” she asked in a whisper.

He looked up as the shadow of Dark Star reached him, and in that moment he knew that he had just seven days to save the planet.

Challenge your class finish this epic space adventure ‘The Dark Star Rises’

With only seven days to save the world and a series of catastrophic weather events to contend with, Karl and Kali must do whatever it takes to stop the world-devouring Dark Star.

Only your students can help Karl and Kali save the world before it’s too late!

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Featuring an animated story start

Watch the trailer

The Dark Star Rises features an animated story start to help captivate and inspire your student’s imaginations

A Published Sci-Fi Writing Project.

What better hook for imaginations than Science Fiction. This writing task is easy to fit around your curriculum.

  • 1. Watch the animation

    Kick start your project by watching the short animated video of the story start. Perfect for deconstruction and idea generation.

  • 2. Send home letters

    Send home letters so that parents can pre-order copies - a perfect festive gift for the family.

  • 3. Students write & vote on Chapter 2

    Your students will each write what they think happens next and will vote on which student piece was best.

  • 4. Finish the book

    Your students complete the book with their own ending chapter. Each child has their own unique version of the story available to purchase.

  • 5. Hit 'Publish' and we will do the rest!

    We'll automatically print and ship the books. Imagine your student's face seeing that they are all publish science fiction writers!

Every Student Published

Just $12.99 per book

This will become a must-have keepsake for every student and a springboard to more engaged writers in your class. Our printed, paperback books are uniquely personalized and are a great way to promote writing in your classroom.

Purchase a class pack with free, fast shipping to the classroom to guarantee each student has their own keepsake.

Alternatively parents can purchase copies direct from our store to be shipped to their home addresses.

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