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Write a magical Holiday story with your class!


Featuring: The Stowaway

When a runaway elf appears on the lap of a boy, he wonders whether he’s going crazy...that is until, Nisse, the Elf asks him to hatch a plan

Each student's published book will be the perfect gift to take home to their families!

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Turn your students into published authors

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Ms. Kim's 5th grade class, Ninth Street Elementary,
Los Angeles, CA

With BoomWriter online tools, students master their writing skills. They read, write, share and complete their own stories that can be turned into a paperback book.

Kick start a collaborative writing project and let every student take home a copy of their book.

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What's in a BoomWriter book?

A BoomWriter book front cover
BoomWriter book chapter 1: the story start from the StoryStart market place
BoomWriter Story Start!
BoomWriter book chapter 2: First student entry
Middle Chapter Winning Entry
BoomWriter book chapter 3: Winning entry
Final Chapter Winning Entry
BoomWriter book bonus chapter: Student's own final entry
Bonus! Each Student’s Final chapter

How BoomWriter works



Get the best from your student writers in any subject.



Embrace Peer Review in your classroom.



Writing is only half of the literacy challenge. Using BoomWriter also enhances students' reading skills.



Assess with an Easy-to-use Gradebook featuring standards-aligned rubrics.

Why do teachers love BoomWriter?

Student using BoomWriter
"With BoomWriter, my kids are writing more than any other year in over 26 years of teaching. Thanks for an excellent product!"

Lawrence Hammond

Grade 4 Teacher,
Rochester, NY

Class using BoomWriter
"My students enjoyed the story writing process, and our book publishing party was AWESOME! This was honestly the highlight of my 23 years of teaching!"

Jennifer Walker

Elementary Teacher,
Jacksonville, FL

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