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BoomWriter Activities and Features

Persuasive essays, informational writing, poetry, anything!

A flexible and engaging tool for creating group writing assignments.

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Boomers stood in front of computer showing an assignment on Ancient Egypt

Group Writing Assignments

Use our tool for assignments that dissect whole units of study into smaller sections, each with directed writing prompts, and let students demonstrate their levels of understanding of key concepts and terms.

For Use In Any Subject

Our tool is ideal for all types of assignments, from essays to lab write ups, and is ideal for use in any subject area where you need students to write!

Check out some of our themed group-writing samples for your use or simply to provide ideas for integrating Assignments into your own curriculum.

Lesson Plans
Vocabulary word bank

Built-In Vocabulary

Simply turn on the Word Bank and add in any words you want students to include in their writing. This list will be visible to your students as they write, and the words will be highlighted as they use them.


Let your class create their own unit-specific study guide. Create assignments with multiple sections, corresponding to each subtopic, to quickly assess your students’ knowledge.

Create unit specific study guide