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The BoomWriter Toolkit

Group Story-Writing that gets published!

Collaboratively create an original story with your class that can even be published as a real paperback book.

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Immerse Your Students in Literacy

Your students will love reading Chapter 1 before writing, sharing, and voting to determine the best next chapters to complete their class book.

Share With Families

Parents can order copies of their child’s personalized book, and teachers can receive FREE copies!

Celebrate with a Class Publishing Party!

The BoomWriter box of books will be shipped to your classroom to celebrate your students’ accomplishment of becoming published authors!

What's in a BoomWriter book?

BoomWriter Story Start!
Middle Chapter Winning Entry
Final Chapter Winning Entry
Bonus! Each Student’s Final chapter

Publishing Parties

Celebrate your students' achievement

Celebrate in style with a Publishing Party! The BoomWriter box filled with your students' published books will be shipped directly to your classroom.

Invite the parents and families of your students to watch their children receive their personalized books and make a real celebration out of this unique writing achievement.

We'll be there throughout the entire process to help make this a success. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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How It Works

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    Students read the opening chapter.

  2. #2

    Students individually write their version of chapter 2.

  3. #3

    Students review the anonymous middle chapters of their peers then vote to select the class favorite.

  4. #4

    Repeat the process to determine the final chapter.

  5. #5

    Parents and families can purchase personalized copies of the book that include their child’s alternate ending.

Improve Your Students' Learning by Providing:

Standards-based Writing Practice

While creating their story, students will strengthen their use of effective techniques, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.

Online Testing Preparation

It’s never too soon to prepare students for the online writing environment where they’ll be expected to perform their best during standardized testing season.

Personalized Writing Feedback

Providing students individualized feedback on their own work is the most appropriate and effective approach to teach writing.

Transferable Writing Skills

Storywriting offers a plethora of transferable writing skills that will boost their ability in non-fiction writing assignments.

Improve Your Classroom Community by Providing:

Soft Skills Development

Writing stories helps to develop your students’ empathy, adaptability, imagination, and creativity. Essential skills for an ever-changing world.

Improved Communication

Developing your students’ communication skills in an activity where clarity, confidence, and consciousness are at the core.

Social-Emotional Learning

Writing stories gives your students a safe place to think and process their emotions on difficult subjects such as love, hate, death, and life.

A Therapeutic Outlet

Writing a story is a cathartic experience. Understand how your students see the world and provide them with a sense of escapism where they can feel in control of the narrative.

"With BoomWriter, my kids are writing more than any other year in over 26 years of teaching. Thanks for an excellent product!"

Lawrence Hammond

Grade 4 Teacher,
Rochester, NY

"My students enjoyed the story writing process, and our book publishing party was AWESOME! This was honestly the highlight of my 23 years of teaching!"

Jennifer Walker

Elementary Teacher,
Jacksonville, FL