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Where Students Love to Write!

BoomWriter’s free to use writing tool has arrived in the UK to motivate, engage and inspire students. It provides a real audience and purpose for writing by making every child in your class a published writer.

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”The children have thoroughly enjoyed their Boomwriter experience. They look forward to writing lessons and they have been highly motivated as the project has given them a real purpose and audience for their writing. Their progress, not only in writing but in reading too, has accelerated“

Sue Vaughan


Stowlawn Primary School, Wolverhampton

Group Story-Writing that gets published!

Collaboratively create an original story with your class that will be published as a real paperback book. Give your pupils a true audience and purpose for writing!

Improved Writing Skills

Pupils will develop their narrative writing ability and understanding of literary elements including plot, charactersation, theme, point of view and more. They will work hard to include high level vocabulary and a variety of sentence constructions as they have an authentic audience for writing: their class peers.

A Boomer holding a pencil next to a BoomWriter book written by the 'Wolverhampton Online Authors Project'

Engaged Pupils

Pupils are in complete control of the story including the characters, plot twists and the conclusion.

The unique voting system develops pupils’ understanding of self and peer assessment. Pupils must make a meaningful decision on which chapter they think is best. Your pupils are also more engaged in the editing process as they know that the higher the quality of their work, the greater chance they have of winning each chapter!

BoomWriter helps you and your class celebrate their accomplishment by publishing the completed story as a paperback book that contains the names of all of the participating students. We also are proud to offer a completely personalised book for each pupil that includes their own ‘alternative ending’. Meaning that every child will have the feeling of being published with this project!

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Versatile and Unique

BoomWriter Stories can be used for a wide variety of fiction genres and writing styles.

Plus, the unique yet simple Read-Write-Vote-Repeat process with its accompanying competitive element will motivate and engage all of your pupils.

Our unique scalable voting system works for classes/groups ranging in size from five to five thousand students! We can accomodate single classes right through to cross school/academy chain competitions. We also have the potential for international competitions where pupils can link up with classes across the world!

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Class set from £165 excluding VAT & Delivery

Purchase Your Class Stories Pack

Our great value pack means all students receive a copy of the BoomWriter Book that they help create.

You can choose from a selection of pre-written StoryStarts that are aligned to different story genres and contain elements of the grammar expectations for the UK curriculum. Or use one of your own that you can match specifically with the pupils that you teach.

Additional books can be ordered via the website if parents would like to purchase extra copies.

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* Excludes delivery. Based on an average class size of 30 students

Give Visual Literacy a fantastic purpose

You can use BoomWriter’s unique structure and printed book outcome to enhance any visual literacy topic. Using the chapter structure within BoomWriter, you can support your pupils with transforming a film or visual prompt into powerful, engaging and highly descriptive narrative.

Laptop with illustrations coming out from the screen showing fantasy and creativity including: a pirate ship on a wave, a rocket headed to a planet, a hot air balloon in the clouds and a dragon with a castle spire.